The Library Store is a cooperative project of the Athens-Clarke County Library Board and the Friends of the Athens-Clarke County Library. The purpose of the store is to generate funds that will assist in providing library materials, programs, staff development, and other quality services. The store will make available products that promote reading and awareness of the library’s resources and services. The store is a member of the Museum Store Association.

  1. Major categories of inventory are: Used Books, New Books, Promotional Items; Stationery and Office Supplies; Posters and Prints; Educational Games and Toys; Gifts; and Consignments.
  2. Used books will be the backbone of the store. Book donations will be sorted first for the library book collection, secondly for the Library Store, and thirdly for the annual Friends book sale.
  3. Prices on retail merchandise will be key-stoned, that is, doubled. Exceptions are office supplies such as notepaper and correction fluid which are stocked as courtesy items. These will be purchased locally marked up slightly. Used books will be priced inexpensively, a few dollars to a few cents.
  4. Store finances will be handled through the library’s business office. Money from sales will be used to reinvest in new merchandise, and some funds will be set aside annually for product development. All remaining proceeds will go directly to the library. Quarterly financial reports will be made to the Athens-Clarke County Library Board and to the Friends of the Library.
  5. The Library Store will accept returned merchandise within 10 days provided there is a receipt. A fee for returned checks will be imposed (see Fines / Fees Schedule). No refunds on checks can be given until 10 business days have passed and checks have cleared.
  6. In order to keep the cost of operating the store as low as possible, volunteers will be used to staff the store as much as possible. Training will be provided by library staff to prepare volunteer workers, and customer service is the primary concern.
  7. A monthly volunteer schedule will be mailed to each store volunteer. Shifts will be for two hours. Volunteers should try to find their own substitutes and only call the store manager for assistance when absolutely necessary.
  8. There will be no discounts given to staff, volunteers, or Friends members. The policy will be reconsidered annually, based on how well the store is doing and on library needs.
  9. Merchandise will be held for volunteers and staff for a maximum of two days.
  10. Consignment items will be handled on a 70/30% ratio.


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