Independent contractors are solely responsible for paying all federal and state income, sales and other taxes for themselves and any assistants they may hire. The library will complete and file a Form 1099-MISC, Miscellaneous income, for each independent contractor who contracts with the library.

Independent contractors are responsible for providing proof of insurance to perform their contracted work for the library. The library does not pay benefits for independent contractors. Under no circumstances will the library reimburse independent contractors for business, travel and other expenses.

Independent contractors are responsible for providing their own tools and equipment. Independent contractors can hire assistants. If so, they are responsible for supervising and paying them. Independent contractors are responsible for ensuring that assistants do not harass employees and do behave in a business-like manner.

All independent contractors doing business with the library will sign written contracts. Oral agreements are not binding on the library. The contract will delineate the job to be done, time frames, hours of work, payment schedules and other relevant issues. All contracts must be approved by the local library board and then ratified by the Athens Regional Library Board.

Independent contractors will agree to complete the job for which they are hired, or they will be held legally liable for the failure to complete the job.


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