1. Copy machines are available to any member of the community who wishes to copy materials (see Fines / Fees Schedule for charges).
  2. Copy machine users are advised that there are restrictions on copyrighted materials which permit, in general, no more than one copy of a page for personal use. Violations of copyright are the responsibility of the copy machine user.
  3. The purpose of providing a copy machine in the library is to allow students and other library patrons to copy library materials electronically rather than by hand in order to provide a convenient way to use materials that would otherwise have to remain in the library.
  4. The library is not a print shop. The copy machines provided for use are not to be considered a means for securing perfect, crisp copies for use in resumes, legal papers or business correspondence. Photocopies may be made on both sides of a sheet of paper. The per copy charge will be made for each side.
  5. The library does attempt to maintain its copy machines in good working order and therefore appreciates reports of malfunction which can be relayed to our service provider. However, the library is not responsible for the quality of copies and will refund money only in the event of severe malfunction of the machine.
  6. Staff members wishing to make more than 100 copies should take materials to one of the professional copy service businesses with which the library has an account.


  1. The public is not allowed to use a library telephone. Individuals making such a request should be referred to one of the public telephones.
  2. Exceptions may be made according to one’s good judgment, particularly in the children’s and young adult areas.


Refer to Computer Use Policy.


Printers – (see Fines / Fees Schedule for charges).


The following equipment is available for in-library use in the auditorium, small conference room or YA/AV area in Athens and some equipment is available in other locations:

  1. video projector (auditorium only)
  2. overhead projector
  3. projection screen
  4. carousel slide projector
  5. 19″ television
  6. VCR player
  7. DVD player
  8. microphone system (auditorium only)
    • 2 floor models
    • 3 table models
    • 1 lectern model
    • 1 wireless model
  9. wireless Internet connectivity*

*Available in Athens-Clarke County Library auditorium and small conference room. User must provide own hardware and is responsible for all setup. Library staff is not available to assist with internet presentations.

  1. There is no fee charged for the use of the equipment.
  2. Patrons must be 18 years old to sign out audiovisual equipment.
  3. While the patron is using the equipment in the building, a driver’s license, or other valid identification, must be surrendered to AV personnel.
  4. Assistive Technology equipment is available for in-library use.


  1. Staff will load and unload the reader / printers.
  2. Patrons are guaranteed one hour of use. If patrons are conducting a search only and will not need to print, they are strongly encouraged to use manual readers.
  3. Reader / printers may be reserved in advance.
  4. Copies are charged at the fee set on the Fines / Fees Schedule and should be paid at either the reference or heritage room desk. Patrons are generally not charged for poor copies.


  1. Copies are available at half the rate per copy charged to the public except for the use of the color copier which is for the full charge if applicable.
  2. Staff / Board members may use the CD ROM printers at half the rate per copy charged to the public.
  3. Postage meter may NOT be used for personal mail. You must buy stamps for your personal use – see the business manager.
  4. STAFF / BOARD ONLY may use the fax machine for personal use with permission. Staff are charged at the same rate as locations outside the region.
  5. Staff should use their phone credit card, or charge to their home number any personal long distance calls made from the library.


3D Printing

Prepared by: Resource Team and Computer Technology Team, Date: 8/22/2018
Submitted to: ARLS Board of Trustees Policy Committee, Date: 11/2018
Approved by: ARLS Board of Trustees, Date: 4/18/2019

The Athens Regional Library System 3D printers provide an educational opportunity for patrons to interact with technology. These interactions may take the form of Library-sponsored classes / workshops or individual use of 3D printers under staff guidance.

Public Printing Availability

The 3D printer is available on a first-come, first-served basis for public use only while a staff member is scheduled to assist. The 3D printer is unavailable when there is no staff available to assist and/or, at the Athens-Clarke County Library, when the Digital Media Center is not staffed. If the 3D printer is being used for library workshops or classes, it will not be available for public use. The library reserves the right to establish and uphold local / branch procedures for actual use of the 3D printers.

Legal Limitations

The 3D printer may not be used for unlawful purposes including, but not limited to, the following content which is determined to be:

  • Prohibited by local, state or federal law.
  • Unsafe, harmful, dangerous or poses a threat to the well-being of others; for example, guns, knives, or other potentially lethal weapons.
  • In violation of another’s intellectual property rights.

Supervision of the use of the 3D printer by library staff does not constitute knowledge, or acknowledgement, of any intended use of the 3D product, and the library specifically disclaims any knowledge thereof. Patrons use 3D objects they produce at the library at their own risk.

Fees for Use

The library will charge a fee based on the amount (grams) of filament used to create the 3D printed object.

  • Objects will be rounded up to the nearest gram for pricing purposes.
  • In case of print failure, the patron’s money will be refunded.
  • If the print failure is determined to be caused by a malfunction of the printer (filament clog, extruder malfunction, etc.), the patron may retry the print if there is enough time available to complete the print.
  • If staff determine that the printing fault lies with the model itself, then patrons will be required to revise the model to address any issues prior to re-printing.


The 3D Printers are located within public view and the library does not guarantee that any particular print will not be seen by members of the public.

Suportahan Kami

Gusto mo bang maging bahagi ng pagpapaganda ng iyong library? Maraming paraan na makakatulong ka, mula sa pagboboluntaryo ng iyong oras hanggang sa pagsali sa Friends of the Library hanggang sa pagbibigay ng pinansiyal na kontribusyon.