Goals for the Athens-Clarke County Library Foundation

Heritage Room – $50,000

Local lineage, historical and genealogical societies, and individuals have collaborated with the Heritage Room’s staff to build a growing research collection for local history, Georgia history, and genealogy. In spite of support both monetary and material from the community, the Heritage Room is still unable to meet the demands of users. In particular, the African American and Native American resources need expansion and refinement.

Youth Services – $50,000

The Athens-Clarke County Library partners with parents and caregivers to raise a community of readers. The future of the community and our area is dependent on the literacy and character of our young people. Your library must meet the informational needs of thousands of children and young adults with a strong reading collection and extensive access to educational materials.

Any gift you make to the Athens-Clarke County Endowment Fund will grow over time. Only the interest from your gift will be spent so the principal can expand and flourish.

Business Collection / Services – $50,000

Effective, profitable businesses must have reliable information when problem solving and making business decisions. Experts agree that entrepreneurship and small business development are crucial to the U.S. Economy. Local businesses require resources that assist them in getting started, marketing, selling, expanding and locating vendors for their products.

Media Collection – $50,000

Our community is known for its dynamic and varied arts – theatre, visual arts, literature and music. Art encourages creative thinkers and high achievers. The expansion of the LaGrange DuPree Music Collection and our film, DVD and audiobook collections will celebrate our diversity and broaden perspectives.

General Collection – $100,000

Whether from recreational and enrichment reading to specific informational needs, our library must provide current and diverse literature and non-fiction. The classics and contemporary literature are a journey into other lives and other cultures while expanding the reader’s own self-awareness. The non-fiction collection includes a broad range of autobiographies, histories, how-to manuals, plus health and legal information that meet a multitude of needs. Keeping this information up-to-date is crucial.

Support Us

Would you like to be a part of making your library even better? There are many ways you can help, from volunteering your time to joining the Friends of the Library to making a financial contribution.