Title: ARLS Regional Policy: Copyright
Prepared by: Valerie Bell, The Resource Team, Branch Managers – 4/1/2024
Submitted to: ARLS Policy Committee – 4/10/2024
Approved by: ARLS Board of Trustees – Date: 1/24/1996 Revised 4/18/2024

The Athens Regional Library System adheres to the law on copyright and copyrighted materials. Copyrighted materials such as books, films, software, etc., may be used by library staff in the course of developing library programs and events. The library will abide by all laws and licensing agreements pertaining to the use and fair use of such materials.

The Athens Regional Library System provides access to the public photocopiers, scanners, and other hardware which may be used to make copies of materials both held by the library and by the individual. The library system prohibits the use of these technologies for the purpose of violating copyright laws or licensing agreements.

For more information, patrons may be referred to the Copyright Clearing House at the Library of Congress.

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