If you’ve missed a few of our programs, or would like to revisit some of them, here is a basketful of videos from programs and special events from the last year!

The Path to Silence: Japan’s Christian Century and Beyond

Walt Mussell is an award-winning author who writes both historical fiction and historical fantasy primarily set in medieval Japan, an interest he gained during the four years he lived there. The Path to Silence: Japan’s Christian Century and Beyond details Japan’s Christian history, focusing primarily on 1549-1650, a time when Japan had over 300 thousand Christian converts who were driven underground under penalty of death. The title refers to Silence, the book on 17th century persecution by Japanese author Endo Shusaku, which was released as a Scorsese movie in 2017.


African American Visual Artists in Athens: A Panel Discussion

This program was recorded at Athens-Clarke County Library on February 23, 2022—it is a panel discussion with prominent local African American artists about their places in the art world, their own artistic journeys, and what it means to be a black artist in Athens, Georgia.

The panel includes Broderick FlaniganKidd & Tabitha FielteauPar Ramey, and was moderated by Lemuel “Life The Griot” LaRoche and Mykeisha Ross.


Library Stories: Why I Love My Library

Terry KayCharlotte Thomas MarshallGail KarwoskiJudge Lawton StephensWanda CulpepperGrady ThrasherGarrett Boyd and Hannah Love talk about why they love Athens-Clarke County Library!


Micropoetry: The Deer’s Bandanna, a New Poetry Book by David Oates

Oates works mainly in the Haiku mode, but he also read some of his non-Haiku verse, and talked about the traditions of Japanese poetry.

Mr Oates has 30 years experience teaching writing. He hosts the “Wordland” radio show on WUGA in Athens GA. He is the author of two other collections, Drunken Robins and Shifting with My Sandwich Hand, and over 100 of his poems have been published in magazines. He is the emcee of Athens Word of Mouth Poetry. Oates received his master’s in creative writing from the University of Illinois—Chicago.


Mindfulness with Dr Rich Panico

A talk by Dr Rich Panico on what “mindfulness” truly entails and if it’s a good fit for YOUR life. Or, conversely, can you find a way to learn  a useful form of mindfulness that meets you where you are these days and takes into account who you currently are and the “you” that you are shooting for.

Rich Panico is a physician and board certified Psychiatrist who recently retired from medicine after 48 years of clinical practice. The last 20 years of his practice he utilized mindfulness meditation, therapeutic yoga and lifestyle interventions  in the treatment of patients with chronic medical conditions and concurrent psychiatric disorders who were treatment failures or had  achieved partial benefit from standard treatment.


Athens-Clarke County Library presents Apollo 11: The Wonder of the Unprecedented, July 20, 1969

Athens-Clarke County Library celebrates the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing on Saturday, July 20, 2019 with talks by Dr Loris Magnani from the University of Georgia, who gives a talk about the future of manned space exploration; and Dr David Cotten of the University of Georgia Small Satellite Research Laboratory, who gives a presentation of the NASA award winner CubeSats program.



Radiance: Photography by Matt Brewster

Local artist Matt Brewster discusses his photography with a slide talk in the Appleton Auditorium of Athens-Clarke County Library. Brewster is known for his beautiful landscape and interior photography, and in particular his aerial/drone photos. His exhibition, Radiance: Photography by Matt Brewster, was on display in the library’s Quiet Gallery during the months of September and October 2021.


Esperanza: Celebración de la Herencia Hispana

Biblioteca y Centro Educativo de la Comunidad Pinewoods (The Pinewoods Library & Learning Center) is a branch of Athens Regional Library System and is located at 465 US Highway 29N, in a neighborhood called Pinewoods Mobile Home Trailer Park, Lot G-10 in Athens, Georgia.

Speakers include Deborah Gonzalez: Fiscal del Distrito Occidental; Lizette Guevara: Líder del barrio J.J. Harris Prosperity Zone; Teter Carillo: Arstesana Latinx


Furthermore: The Art of Lisa Freeman

A talk by local artist Lisa Freeman about her exhibition in the Quiet Gallery at Athens-Clarke County Library.

Freeman’s art has shifted from painting to a focus on assemblage art using found objects. Drawn to discarded objects and photographs, She is a collector, and Freeman’s art brings to light the “mystery of the forgotten.” By collecting objects, both the familiar and the unusual, and assembling them together, Freeman is asking us to look—to truly look—and, hopefully, to see. You can see examples of her work here: http://www.artbylisafreeman.com/


Listening In The Dark VIII: Plague of The Lousy Arachnids
Featuring Evan Michael BushBob DeckJoy OvingtonEddie Whitlock, and Candace Wiggins

If you haven’t already been creeped out enough by the Jorospiderfestation in your yard, please tune into our eighth annual Halloween Storytelling for Grownups (From a Safe Distance). You’ll be treated to the scariest tales, some original, by Listening in The Dark veterans Evan Michael Bush, Bob Deck, Joy Ovington, Eddie Whitlock, and Can Wiggins.


Imagination Squared: Pathways to Resilience

A talk by Christina Foard, who will talk to you about Imagination Squared, a social experiment she devised within the Arts in Medicine program at the University of Florida Health Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida, which she repeated in Athens, Georgia. She distributed 5″ wood squares as a common platform for the public to modify and return at key cultural institutions around the city, introducing the project to universities, high schools, museums, after school programs, and art groups. Public participants had to agree to donate their completed square, and in exchange, the entire collection would be displayed together publicly. The entire collection of squares is permanently installed at the Athens-Clarke County Library in Athens, Georgia.


Teens Present Fashion History

Jess Patrick talks about the history of fashion, from the 1590s to the present. Recorded September 21, 2021 at Athens-Clarke County Library, Athens Georgia.


Giving Voice to Linnentown Book Launch

Giving Voice to Linnentown is a compelling true story about a young Black girl’s family that lived in a thriving small Black community called Linnentown. Written by Hattie Thomas Whitehead, the book describes her early childhood years in the 1960s, and how her life and the lives of other Linnentown families changed the moment the City of Athens and The University of Georgia entered into an Urban Renewal (UR) contract. As a result of UR, Linnentown properties were taken for the university’s expansion, residents were forced to move, and families were separated.  Decades later, Hattie Thomas Whitehead chronicles life in Linnentown and her leadership role in seeking justice on behalf of Linnentown and its first descendants. Her goal is to give voice to a once vibrant and thriving community that was erased.


9/11 Memories: 20 Years After

Nineteen Athens Georgia residents talk about their memories of September 11, 2001, twenty years later.


The Power of PINES

This video is a quick, fun look at how PINES operates.

PINES (Public Information Network for Electronic Services) is a program of the Georgia Public Library Service, the public library automation and lending network for 300 libraries and affiliated service outlets in 51 library systems covering 146 counties (51 of the 60 library systems in Georgia). PINES creates a statewide “borderless library” that provides equal access to information for all Georgians. Georgians with a PINES library card have access to materials beyond what is available on their local shelves and enjoy the benefits of a shared collection of 10.6 million books and other materials that can be delivered to their home library free of charge. If you are a resident of Georgia, you are eligible to receive a free PINES library card.


Susan Pelham Collage Workshop

Monroe Artist Susan Pelham showed her work in the library’s Quiet Gallery during the months of July and August 2021. She gave a talk on her work and led a workshop in the art of collage at Athens-Clarke County Library on Monday, July 19. Ms Pelham graduated from Florida State University in 1963 with a degree in Fine Art; her major was in Painting with a minor in Art History. Twenty years later she spent three months in London updating her Art History at Sotheby’s Styles in Art course.


Athens Streets & Neighborhoods with Gary Doster

Though they have changed much over the years, the streets of Athens, Georgia, hold centuries of history in just their names alone. Historical researcher Gary Doster delves into the streets and neighborhoods of the Classic City, revealing previously unreported stories from its past. Sponsored by Athens Historical Society and Athens-Clarke County Library Heritage Room. Recorded July 18, 2021


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