A selection of portable electronic devices (e-devices) is available for check-out on a first-come / first-served basis from some branches of the Athens Regional Library System.

Available e-devices may be checked out by ARLS resident PINES card holders, age 18 and older. Eligible patrons must present their active, valid ARLS PINES card and additional photo identification in order to check out e-devices. A borrower must read and sign the E-Device Checkout Agreement form before being issued an e-device.

E-devices must be checked out from and returned directly to the owning library or branch, in person, by the patron who signs the agreement. Only one e-device may be checked out at a time per patron account.

E-devices will be loaned for a period of 21 days, and are not renewable. E-devices may not be placed on hold or reserved for specific patrons.

The patron checking out the device is responsible for damages to and/or loss of the e-device and its accessories.

  • Charge for loss / replacement:
    • E-reader = $150.00
    • MP3 player = $60.00
    • E-reader cover = $40.00
    • MP3 cover = $15.00
    • USB connector = $15.00
    • Charger / Adapter = $15.00
    • Use manual and/or carrying bag = $15.00
  • Charge for damage and/or misuse:
    • E-device not returned according to agreement guidelines (ex.: returned via outdoor bookdrop or to another library) = $10.00
    • Noticeable damage (ex.: dents, major scratches) = $10.00
    • Full replacement cost (see amounts listed above) if the unit can no longer be used.

Overdue fines will be charged for e-devices that are returned late; a fee of $5 per day up to the total cost of replacement of device, whichever is less.

Athens Regional Library System will not accept a replacement device in lieu of payment for a lost or damaged e-device.

Specific guidelines for the circulation process, which will vary by ARLS branch, must be followed in addition to items outlined in this policy.

Failure to comply with e-device circulation policy and procedures will result in loss of privileges and may lead to prosecution.


Revised 7/17/2014

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