The Athens Regional Library System is pleased to offer VHS videocassettes for public use. In order to receive the maximum benefit from this collection for many years to come, use the following guidelines when checking our videocassettes.

  1. Three videos may be borrowed per loan period. In order to share the library’s collection with as many people as possible, the library limits borrowers to six cassettes per household.
  2. Videos are loaned for a period of seven days. Some instructional videos in the AV collection may be checked out for longer periods of time.
  3. 7- day videos may not be renewed. Educational videos may be checked out for 14 days but may not be renewed.
  4. Athens-Clarke County patrons may use the video drop box. Temperature extremes and moisture may shorten the playing life of the videotape and cause irreversible damage as well so tapes need to be returned to the desk.
  5. Fines charged for overdue cassettes and lost / damaged containers are listed on Fines / Fees Schedule.
  6. Athens Regional Library System cardholders may put videos on hold. Videotapes will not be available for circulation until they have been checked in and inspected to insure that they are in usable condition.
  7. In order to extend the life of video equipment and tapes, a borrower should do the following: keep VCRs in good working order; inspect and clean video heads as often as necessary; adjust the VCR’s tracking control as required; avoid exposing videotapes to rain, dirt, excessive heat, or any damaging element.
  8. The video collection will be comprised of theatrical and informational films, classics, award winning children’s and adult films, biographies and a cross section of informational and how-to videos of regional interest. Videos to support school curriculum are not purchased. Patron requests are given serious consideration. In no way is the library’s collection intended to compete with commercial sources.
  9. Children may check out any video cassettes he/she chooses; the parents / guardians are responsible for monitoring the viewing habits of their children.


Revised to conform with PINES contract agreement 2001

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