Wifi Information

All branches of the Athens Regional Library System provide free wifi. Wifi signals may also extend to outdoor spaces around library buildings and library parking lots.

There are no time or session limits for our wifi. Anyone using ARLS wifi must abide by our ワイヤレス使用契約. Our wifi works for web services but does not work for FTP, VPNs, and remote desktop software. ARLS Internet service is filtered in accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

ARLS wifi is encrypted, however, we cannot guarantee that information transmitted over our network is fully secure. Security measures are the responsibility of the user. The library is not responsible for loss of information or damage to devices that may occur using our network.

We use wifi standard IEEE 802.11ac and 802.11n.

TCP/IP Settings: Use DHCP or “obtain IP address automatically”

Network Authentication: WPA2-PSK Type: TKIP

Connecting to Wifi

To connect to our wifi, select the network for the branch where you will be using wifi:

  • AthensLibrary-New
  • BogartLibrary-New
  • AaronHeardRCLibrary-New
  • LavoniaLibrary-New
  • LayParkRCLibrary-New
  • MadisonCoLibrary-New
  • OconeeCoLibrary-New
  • OglethorpeLibrary-New
  • PinewoodsLibrary-New
  • RoystonLibrary-New
  • WintervilleLibrary-New

The wifi password for all ARLS wifi networks is: yourlibrary

To connect to the network, open a browser window and you should see a splash page that displays our wireless usage agreement. On mobile devices, you may see a notification that takes you to the splash page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Continue to the Internet” to connect.


If you don’t see a splash page.
Try visiting a new URL or clearing your browser cache. This may help prompt the splash page.

If you still cannot connect wifi.
Make sure wifi is turned on for your device. If you still cannot connect, try restarting your device.

If you need assistance connecting to wifi, see a library staff member or contact us.


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