I. Purpose

The purpose of the Digital Media Center (DMC) is to provide library users access to multimedia software and hardware for the creation and editing of digital media projects.

II. Usage

  • Patrons 16 and older can use the lab. Users must provide a photo ID, sign the user agreement, and leave their ID at the Information Desk during their DMC session. Younger patrons are allowed with adult supervision.
  • The center may be reserved for 2 hours at a time. Time may be extended if no other reservations have been made, although patrons will be asked to end their extended session if other patrons want to reserve the space.
  • Any project requiring audio recording will require the entire Digital Media Center to be reserved. All other types of projects can be reserved as a single session.
  • Group sessions of up to four people can be made. This will require the entire lab to be reserved and may be reserved for up to 4 hours.
  • Reservations may be made by visiting or calling the Information Desk on the second floor.
  • DMC workstations are not available for general computing activities such as word processing, web browsing, gaming, or email.
  • Absolutely no food or drink allowed.
  • Noise levels in the Center must not interfere with library use outside the room.
  • A replacement fee will be assessed for lost or damaged equipment. The patron who reserves the Digital Media Center for a group is considered the responsible party.
  • Staff will not be available to assist DMC patrons for extended periods of time or do their work for them. Classes and one-to-one tutorials are offered for patrons seeking further instruction, as well as the DMC book collection and suggested online resources.
  • Installing or uninstalling software of any kind on library computers is prohibited.
  • Computer equipment, including cables, keyboards, mice, speakers, scanners, etc., is not to be modified, moved, unplugged, or changed in any way.

III. Disclaimer

Users access the library computer hardware, software and other equipment at their own risk. Athens Clarke County Library is not responsible for equipment malfunction, loss of data, any damages to the user’s disks, data, etc., or electronic transactions of any type which are related to the public use of library computer resources. This includes damage or injury sustained from invasions of the user’s privacy.

Adopted by the Athens-Clarke County Library Board on 10/14/14


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