Book Madness After School!

Book Madness Bracket, Vote for you favorites at the Aaron Heard Library. There is a bracket with book titles going from sixteen, eight, four, and two. The winner is still a mystery. Right Bracket first column: Pete the Cat's Family Road Trip vs. I Really Like Slop, Cute Animals Operating Heavy Machinery vs. Wolfie the Bunny, Antonio's Amazing Gift vs. If You give a Mouse a Cookie, Dragons Love Tacos vs. Vamos!<br />Right bracket second column: Pete the Cat's Family Road Trip vs. Cute Animals Operating Heavy Machinery, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie vs. Dragons Love Tacos<br /> Right bracket third column: Pete the Cat Family Road trip vs. If you Give a Mouse a Cookie<br /> Left bracket, first column: King and Kayla Lost Tooth vs. My New Friend is Fun!, Babysitter's Little Sister Kittycat Club vs. Encanto Graphic Novel, Pokemon Collector's Handbook vs. Dog Man, Guinness World Records 2017 vs. Ripley's Believe it or Not!<br /> Left bracket, second column: My New Friend is So Fun! vs. Encanto: Graphic Novel, Dog Man vs. Guinness World Records 2017<br /> Left bracket, third column: Encanto Graphic Novel vs. Dog Man<br /> Middle bracket: Dog Man vs. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie<br /> Winner to be determined


Inspired by the annual March Madness basketball brackets, Aaron Heard Resource Center’s after school kids have been voting to determine the best book of 2022! We listed sixteen of the most popular book titles in the library last year and put them into a bracket. Then each week the kids have voted for their favorite books. Until we finally got it down to two! ‘Dog Man’ by Dav Pilkey AND ‘If You Give a Mouse a Cookie’ by Laura Numeroff are our final contenders. However it all comes down to our last week of voting! Will the underdog win (‘Dog Man’)? Or the people’s champion (‘If You Give a Mouse a Cookie’)? On Wednesday, April 19th, 2023 the library will host a Book Championship Reveal Party! We will have snacks, games, and decorations based off the winner of our last voting session.


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