Circulation and Registration records for an individual are NOT public records and should be maintained as confidential information. There are a few exceptions to this law:

  1. Library staff may use circulation and registration information for library business only, but not for browsing or use not related to library business.
  2. A parent or guardian may request information about what his/her child has checked out, fine information, etc. If you are asked for this information, verify the parent’s name and reconcile it with the parent or guardian name on the child’s file. Something (name, address or phone number) should correspond. There are times when a child does not live with one parent, yet that parent has fiscal responsibility for the child. Try to help, but at the same time, remember that we cannot freely provide the information. If you encounter a problem, refer the matter to the circulation supervisor on duty immediately. A patron may send written consent for the release of information regarding their records. A parent may send written consent in regard to a child’s record.
  3. Court order or subpoena. Refer these to the library director. The director will respond in accordance with applicable law. (See copy of the law located in the Appendix)

Home phone numbers of staff members should NEVER be given out. Refer the caller to the supervisor who can decide if the library should call the staff member and pass on the message.

All computer security passwords are confidential. Giving one out is grounds for termination.



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