Where to check out a ukulele

Have you ever wanted to learn to play a musical instrument, but didn’t know where to start? The Athens Regional Library System wants to help! We now offer ukuleles for checkout, so you can learn to make music. Ukuleles are available at our branches in Madison County, Franklin County, Oglethorpe County, and Oconee County, but may be placed on hold for check out at any of our 11 branches. Visit the PINES catalog to view availability ( Flea Ukulele ; Kala Ukulele ).

How to check out a ukulele

Checking out a ukulele is a bit different from checking out a book. You will need to sign a Ukulele Check-Out Agreement when you check one out to verify that you understand the following:

  • You must be 18 or older to check out a ukulele.
  • Ukuleles check out for 2 weeks with the option for two renewals.
  • The ukulele comes with a case and a book. All three items must be returned at the same time to avoid late fees.
  • Late fees are $3.00 per day.
  • Ukuleles must be returned to the library branch from which they were checked out in person and may not be returned to any other branch. Ukuleles may not be put in the book drop or automated book return. You will be charged $10 for turning in the ukulele in a book drop or to a branch other than the one it was checked out from.
  • If the ukulele, case, or book are damaged or lost, you will be responsible for replacement price and processing fees:
    • Ukulele:
      • “Flea” Ukulele: $189.00
      • “Kala” Ukulele: $79.00
    • Case: $18.00
    • Chord book: $14.95
    • Total if all items are not returned:
      • “Flea” Ukulele: $221.95 + $10.00 processing fee
      • “Kala” Ukulele: $111.95 + $10.00 processing fee
    • Item is marked or otherwise disfigured: $20 or replacement price if marks cannot be removed.

Ukulele learning resources

Additional items for borrowing

Athens Regional Library System offers several non-traditional materials for borrowing. Stop by your local library and ask about the Shareables collection, which includes darbuka drums, weaving frames, and more.


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