Non-partisan resources for voters

  • My Voter Page (Georgia): Check here for your Georgia voter registration information, including Sample Ballots for your precinct and poll location. There also are links to find your state and federal elected officials and to request an absentee ballot.
  • Registering to Vote: General information about registering to vote.
  • Qualified Candidates: Searchable list of qualified candidates in Georgia

Check your local Board of Elections site for more information on Voting and more:

Additional information and resources

Important dates
  • April 22, 2024: Voter registration deadline for May 21, 2024 General Primary Election
  • October 7, 2024: Voter registration deadline for November 5, 2024 General Election
Election Dates
  • May 21, 2024: General Primary
  • June 18, 2024: General Primary Runoff (if needed)
  • November 5, 2024: General Election
Voter information
Register to Vote
Registered Voters
  • My Georgia Voter Page: Registered voters can log in to this site to do the following: change their voter information, get directions to their polling place, view early voting locations and times, see county registrar information, see current elected officials, and see current qualified candidates.
Advanced Voting
Candidates by County
  • Board of Education District 2: Claudia Butts (I), Kirrena N. Gallagher, Mary P. Bagby
  • County Commission District 2: Jason Jacobs, Melissa Link (I)
  • County Commission District 6: Rashe S. Malcolm, Stephanie Johnson
  • County Commission District 8: Carol Myers (I), Sidney Waters
  • Coroner: Michael Eberhart, William C. Gaulden Jr.
  • Sheriff: John Q. Williams (I), Tommy Dorsey
  • Tax Commissioner: Brant Spratlin, J. P. Lemay
  • District Attorney, Western Judicial Circuit: Deborah Gonzalez (D, I)

  • Board of Commission Chair: Joe Greene, Colt Hart, Courtney Long, Nic McFarlin,
  • Board of Commission District 1: Carollee Coker, Tim Crunkleton, Tyler Owenby,Chris Phillips, Wanda Thompson
  • Board of Commission District 2: Sam Freeman, Cory Pulliam, Mark Sewell
  • Board of Education Post 1: Gary Minyard, Jason Oliver
  • Board of Education Post 2: Kent Hall
  • Chief Magistrate: Bo Cornwell, Cody Grizzle, Crystal Buffington Nelms
  • Clerk of Court: Heather Hill
  • Coroner: Scott O’Barr
  • Probate Judge: Ken Eavenson
  • Sheriff: Scott Andrews, Mitch Murphy, Brian Stovall, 
  • Tax Commissioner: Bobby Martin

  • Board of Commissioners District 1: Dave Ramsey (D), Dennis F. Adams (I, R)
  • Board of Commissioners District 2: Terry Chandler (I, R)
  • Board of Education District 3: Cindy Nash (I)
  • Board of Education District 4: Byron J. Lee
  • Board of Education District 5: Brenda Moon
  • Chairman Board of Commissioners: Todd Higdon (I, R)
  • Clerk of Superior Court: Katie Cross (I, R)
  • Coroner: Scott R. Berry (R)
  • County Surveyor: Gary Harvin (I, R)
  • Judge Probate Court: Cody Cross (I, R)
  • Sheriff: J. Michael Moore (I, R)
  • Tax Commissioner: Lamar Dalton (I, R)

  • Board of Education Chair, Post 1: Joyce Reifsteck (R), Michael Ransom (R)
  • Board of Education Post 4: Sheri Ward Long (D), Adam Hammond (R), Andy Pippin (R), Russell Toms (R)
  • Board of Education Post 5: Katie Green (D), Brock Toole (R), Stephen L. Aleshire (R)
  • Clerk of Superior Court: Laura L. King (D), Angie Elder Johnson (R)
  • Coroner: Ed Carson (R)
  • County Commission Chair: John E. Daniell (R), Pamela Lohr Hendrix (R)
  • County Commissioner Post 1: Suzannah Heimel (D), Mark H. Thomas (R)
  • County Commissioner Post 4: Mark T. Saxon (R) Victoria E. Cruz (R)
  • Judge of the Probate Court: Mike Hunsinger(R)
  • Sheriff: Reginald Wade (D), James A. Hale Jr (R)
  • Tax Commissioner: Jennifer T. Riddle (R)
  • District Attorney, Western Judicial Circuit: Deborah Gonzalez (D, I)

  • Board of Education District 1: Guillermo Camacho (I, R)
  • Board of Education District 2: Tim Poole (I, R)
  • Board of Education District 4: Jake Willcox (I, R)
  • Chief Magistrate: Megan Nicole Coile (I)
  • Clerk of Superior Court: Kelli Paradise Smith (I, R)
  • Coroner: Jason M. Lewis (I, R)
  • County Commission Chair: Patrick Kim Bonds (D), Jay Paul (I, R), Jerry Wayne Loggans (R)
  • County Commission District 2: Jacqueline D Bosby (D), Andy Saxon (I, R), Williamson Sintyl (R)
  • County Commission District 4: William C. Brown (I, R)
  • Probate Court Judge: Kayla Harris Grier (I)
  • Sheriff: David R. Gabriel (I, R), James Jackson (R)
  • Tax Commissioner: Dawn Johnson Scarborough (R), Teresa Jo Campbell (R)
Statewide candidates
State House
  • District 120: Houston Gaines (I, R), Andrew Ferguson (D)
  • District 121: John Michael Grigsby (R), Marcus A. Wiedower (I, R)
  • District 122: Spencer Frye (D)
  • District 123: Hope S. Beard (D), Rob Leverett (I, R)
  • District 124: Melanie M. Miller (D), Rickie Glenn (D), Trey Rhodes (I, R)

State Senate
  • District 46: Bill Cowsert (R, I), Gareth Fenley (D)
  • District 47: Frank Ginn (R, I), Ross Harvin (R), Conolus Scott (D)
  • District 50: Bo Hatchett (R, I), June Krise (D)
Federal candidates
General Election , November 5

President: Joe Biden/Kamela Harris (I, D); Donald Trump (R)

U.S. House of Representatives
  • District 10: Mike Collins (R, I); Alexandra “Lexy” Doherty (D), Jessica Fore (D)
  • District 9: Andrew Clyde (R, I); Tambrei Cash (D)
Additional voter resources
Additional voter resources
Research issues
  • BallotReady: Aggregates content from candidates’ websites, social media, press, endorsers and board of elections for comprehensive, nonpartisan information about the candidates and referendums.
  • Vote Smart: Free, unbiased, in-depth information about current officials, candidates, issues, legislation, and voting.
  • Gov Track: A nonpartisan website helping the American public track legislation in the U.S. Congress and be effective advocates for their issues.
  • Federal Elections Commission: See how candidates and committees raise and spend money in federal elections.
  • AllSides: Offers perspectives on topical news stories from the left, center, and from the right, plus a ‘media bias rating.’

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