Starlight, Diamond Brights & Movies!

Starlight, Star Bright!

Who doesn’t love learning about the stars? Join the Amazing Scientific Mr. Dodd for a fun-filled program about the stars, the galaxies and the universe Thursday, June 1st, at 3 pm. Will Dodd, the director of the Oconee River Georgia Youth Science & Technology Center, is described by local youth as a mix of Bill Nye, Science Guy and Mr. Wizard. His goofy, engaging and fun antics make kids forget they’re learning about Astronomy! This program is best for ages 5 & up, but all ages will enjoy Mr. Dodd.  

Meet New Friends! 

Families with small children, join the resumption of Meet & Play, from 10:30 am – 12 pm, Friday, June 2nd.  Meet & Play, the Bogart Library’s popular open play session, is held every Friday. Young patrons  learn social skills, while parents meet other parents. 

Art, Movies & Snacks, too!

Art & A Movie is a new program for ages 11- 18.  Art & A Movie premiers Friday, June 2nd at 4 pm.  Teen patrons, you asked for this one!  Drop in to draw or paint favorite characters, while you watch a theme-based movie and eat snacks. Check it out!

Diamond Brights!

Summer isn’t summer without baseball! Diamond fans, ages 9-14,  polish your baseball know-how and build math skills with Ms. Blaine and MLB STEM. This fast-paced math learning and sports fun nation-wide program is offered exclusively in our area by Blaine Jenkins, retired math professional, and a staff member of the the Bogart Library. Kids, ages 9-14, you’ll have fun swapping stats, predicting game results and learning about real, current Major League players.  MLB STEM begins Monday, June 5th and will be held most Mondays from 5-6 pm, with plenty of time for players to make it to their next game. Registration is suggested. 







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