Reflecting, Sharing, Learning

Sixteen Vietnam veterans offered to be interviewed for the Boomer project after they read the story about Roy Moseman's interview in the Athens Banner Herald on Tuesday, August 21.

Roy was the sixth veteran to be interviewed by Mary Kay Mitchell, who retired from WUGA as news director and now is on the advisory board for The Boomers: ReflectingPhoto of Roy Moseman., Sharing, Learning. Roy served in Vietnam from 1967 to 1968 and was so young that he wasn't even old enough to buy a beer after he returned. He served in the Mobile Riverine Force in the U. S. Army on a Tango boat, traveling up and down rivers and canals in the jungles of South Vietnam for 3 or 4 days at a time.

Even with three purple hearts, Roy credits his experience there to giving him confidence to try new things as an adult who established his own successful electrical contracting business.  He is also frank about suffering from PTSD, and attends a support groups in Athens to help him with that.

When he returned from Vietnam, Roy said some people were simply indifferent to his experience in Vietnam, while others, including professors and fellow students at UGA were openly critical of the soldiers in Vietnam.  Roy never admitted to them that he was a veteran.

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