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"Remember that your suitcase is not your closet," quipped Frances Arnold, as she explained that with each trip she packed less and less, and got along just fine. There and Back Again presents many ideas to make a trip more enjoyable with less stress.

The audience was impressed with how Frances incorporated technology in her travel.  Some of us leave technology behind because we just don't understand how to bring it along without incurring huge charges.Photo of Frances Arnold

Frances and her husband have two travel blogs you'll want to see also. and

Find helpful travel information below from currency, safety, to where to stay.

Access-Able Travel

Provides access information to mature and disabled travellers, including information on accessibile attractions, lodging, transportation and equipment rental.

Bed & Breakfast Inns Online

Find a bed and breakfast Inn by location or distinctive feature.

CDC Travelers' Health

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gives health information for destinations as well as updates on outbreaks and general advice for travelers on food, disease, vaccinations and more.

CIA World Factbook

Country listings include information about geography, people, ecenomic conditions, maps and more.


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