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Photo of Eddie Whitlock hosting trivia

A congenial group of folks gathered at Jittery Joe's Saturday morning for a  coffee roasting demonstration and a lively game of Eddie Whilock's trivia.  Charlie Mustard, roastmaster, showed us how he roasts and makes coffee blends.  It's more complicated that I thought because coffee beans are an agricultural product and can vary in moisture content and taste from year to year.  He just has to "pay attention" to the look, smell, and temperature to get the best from the beans.

Photo of Charlie Mustard roasting beans

The inside of the building is full of very large burlap bags stacked three or more deep full of raw coffee beans from all over the world.  Jittery Joe's CEO, Bob Googe, (and a boomer, too) came by to greet us and explain that he is happy to say that the coffee business has been growing since he bought it. Right after the market crash in 2007, and out of economic necessity, Bob took a chance on Jittery Joe's.  He and his team have built up local markets and franchises in many parts and Georgia and other states.  Congratulations all!  We love these Georgia entrepreneurial  success stories.

Jittery Joe's Coffee Roasting Company, 780 E. Broad Street, Athens, is in a quaint old building, without insulation and temperature regulation, but we were there on a perfect day, sunny and mild.  Below is a photo of Charlie earlier that day, just taking in the quiet morning before his roasting demonstration began.

Photo of Charlie Mustard


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