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In the film premier Athens Revisited, written by Terrell Austin, it seemed that Dr. Edward Ware and Dr. Edward Lyndon visited the house they once occupied on 293 Hoyt Street. Alan Rowell and Mitch Maxey gave convincing portrayals of Ware and Lyndon while Clay Crowder bridged the gap between "back then" and now in his role as the interviewer.

This clever film was full of historical facts, explaining how Athens handled Prohibition, how it was a struggle to raise taxes for a fire truck and other problems that we can relate to today. Photos showing the old Opera House and other treasures of our city in the mid to late 1800's made the film a most enjoyable history lesson. Terrell's humor kept the film from being anything but dry. CLICK HERE to see this wonderful film and Austin's remarks about researching the genealogy of the two families.

Austin, and her co-producer Tim Dowse, are to be thanked and congratulated for creating such a fine film which can now be seen to augment the community's understanding of our history.  The film will be shown to people touring the Ware Lyndon House in the years to come.


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