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As part of Money Smart Week, life-long Athenian Peter Hodgson talked about the history and legacy of the First National Bank of Athens, the influence of the Southern Mutual Insurance Company, and family relationships that have influenced local investing.

Photo of the Tate Barrow HouseJeff Tate was born, raised and still lives in this historic Barrow - Tate house on Dearing Street, Athens, GA.  The house, no longer covered in vines as in this 1909 photo, is full of Jeff's memories growing up in Athens when "it was a different time."

Jeff spins some amusing stories as he tells about being in "cahoots" with his nannies in the days of segregation. He describes a safer time when children could do "fabulous" things by themselves, like go to the movies and take music lessons without an adult to accompany them.

As a house-husband he also raised his children in this house, teaching them to read while watching Fellini movies with subtitles.

Stories of his father, the legendary Dean William Tate of the University of Georgia, describe the "frightening" days of threats to his father and family because of Dean Tate's determination to have the University of Georgia peacefully integrated.

On the lighter side he tells an amusing story of how Dean Tate helped Coach Wally Butts recruit for the football team in competition with Georgia Tech's coach Bobby Dodd.


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