Some things don't change. Athens residents appreciate a good place to eat out. Mary Charles Howard talked about many of the new eateries in Athens and to expect lots of locally grown food in their menus. Then Milton Leathers, Lee Epting, and Roy Moseman told some uproariously funny stories about Athens restaurants from the past. Did know: that Bludwine was a delicious health drink that competed with Coca-cola? that the A & A Bakery had a chocolate pie that even Lee Epting can't get the recipe for? that the owner of the Chase Street Cafe kept a shotgun under the cash register and was famous for Chicken Mull? that Gigi's was the most modern building in Athens when it was built? Bobbie Poss, of Poss' Barbecue, said his was the most tender in town. His Daddy  told him "We only got the hams from the left side because the right side was where they rubbed up against trees and made the meat tough!"

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