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Put your personality into a holiday wreath by making it yourself!

During the December Wreath-making Community Snapshot, seventeen  people did just that. One person made a wreath decorated with toy trucks for his friends in the public works department. A few Red Hat Club ladies made wreaths in club colors, red and purple. Others brought ornaments and dried garden treasures from home.  WATCH OUR YOUTUBE VIDEO to see how to make your own holiday wreath. Then gather your supplies and have a great time.  Following is a list of supplies that were used during the workshop.  They are just suggestions. You can choose things from your yard, your attic, or purchases from a craft store.

  • Basic wreath, made with fresh greens, grapevine, or artificial greens.
  • florist wire, picks, and hot glue for attaching items to your wreath.
  • Wire-cutters, scissors.
  • Natural things such as pine cones, okra pods, dried lemons and oranges, kumquats, cranberries, a variety of greens, moss.
  • Raffia, ribbons and tissue paper.
  • Adornments from a craft shop: Feathers; artificial birds and bird nests; artificial berries, greens and fruit; decorated picks.


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