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We are supported by a grant from The U. S. Institute of Museums and Library Services (IMLS).

The IMLS is an Independent federal agency. Its mission is to create strong libraries and museums that connect people to information and ideas.

Watch this video to learn what "The Boomers" has accomplished in our first two years!


In the fall of 2010, IMLS awarded our three-year National Leadership Grant (NLG) of $343,100 to the partners - Athens Regional Library System (ARLS) and the Lyndon House Arts Center (LHAC). Our proposal was to develop new models for serving the Baby Boom generation. Only 13 National Leadership Grants were awarded nationwide.

"This grant is about relevance and innovation," explained Kathryn Ames, ARLS director and director of the Boomer project. "We are going to use the latest technology to reach out to a larger community."

"The whole Athens area will benefit from this project. Yes, the ideas and programs are coming from Boomers. But it's really a boost to our entire community," added Claire Benson, LHAC director and co-director of the project.

This is the second leadership grant awarded to the partners. In 2007, they completed their first IMLS NLG, which established the thriving Pinewoods Library and Learning Center and gave our community special Hispanic educational events and exhibitions to promote cultural appreciation among Athens area residents. Receiving two Leadership Grants is an accomplishment unmatched by any other Georgia public library and museum collaboration!

In order to be considered, our project demonstrated excellence in 3 categories:

  • National Impact: Our project addresses needs and challenges that face libraries and Museums everywhere. The boomer population bubble is a national phenomenon. The results of this project will be widely shared to extend the benefit of federal investment.
  • Innovation: Our projects will implement a new service model using advancement in the web and technology to keep Boomers engaged in the mission and work of libraries and museum. A diverse population of boomers will be suggesting and implementing programs.
  • Collaboration: ARLS and LHAC have complementary competencies and resources which can extend project impact.

The partners, with the help of a 12 member advisory board, will plan, implement and evaluate

  • A program of monthly Community Snapshots presented by local Boomers sharing their knowledge and experiences.
  • Annual Boomer special events co-hosted by the partners.
  • Annual Boomer related exhibitions at LHAC
  • A website for accessing program schedules and archived webcasts.
  • Regional Workshops and a national presentation for library and museum personnel to address the educational needs of Boomers and explore ways to involve them.


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