Discover Tech Exhibit - form for local engineers

The Madison County Library is looking for local people to profile as part of our upcoming exciting Discover Tech exhibit. You don’t have to have “engineer” in your job title.

  • If you explore any scientific discipline, from plants to protons;
  • If you tinker with 3D printers, work on cars, bikes, or engines, or use technology to make art;
  • If you build things, whether it’s cars or bridges or computer software;
  • If you design buildings, parks or systems;
  • If you use science to brew beer, make cheese, keep bees or anything else!

(It could be your actual title or something fun like Solar Evangelist or Ice Cream Mixologist.)

Please upload a photo. A photo is highly preferred. Those without may not be included in the exhibit.

Upload a photo (limit 8 mb):

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