About the Library System

Welcome to the Athens Regional Library System: A Place Where Everyone Belongs!

Our webpage will provide people living in our 5-county region and the state with access to information about the many services and programs available. Our role is to ensure that every library user receives the best possible service from our professional and helpful staff throughout the region.

Our Strategic Plan focuses on our key roles: Family Literacy, Information Services, New Books and AV materials, Local History and Genealogy. We strive to offer a wide variety of interesting, thought-provoking and innovative programming including family literacy events, computer instruction, challenging young adult activities and a wide variety of adult discussions and musical events in every community.

Visit our libraries and web pages often to see what is happening! We welcome you and stress that the entire regional staff is here to serve you.

Mission and Vision Statements

Athens-Clarke County Mission Statement

The mission of the Athens-Clarke County Libraries is to provide information and resources which address the needs of the community, foster enjoyment and a love of reading, and provide a repository of the history and culture of Athens-Clarke County.

Franklin County Mission Statement

The mission of the Franklin County Libraries is to provide organized access to information and services for all the citizens of Franklin County in order to meet their educational, recreational, social and cultural needs, in attractive and friendly environments.

Selected Goals:

Madison County Mission Statement

The mission of the Madison County Library is to provide access to materials, programs, and services which meet the educational, informational, and recreational needs of county residents.

Selected Goals:

Oconee County Mission Statement

The Oconee County Libraries stimulate imagination, foster educational growth and improvement, and provide dynamic access to resources and programs.

Selected Goals:

Oglethorpe County Mission Statement

The mission of the Oglethorpe County Library is to encourage and support learning, literacy and leisure pursuits through a variety of media in an inviting and friendly environment.

Selected Goals

Organizational Chart

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