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We offer 18 computer classes that cover topics in computer basics, the Internet, office software, and online services for eBooks, audiobooks, and e-magazines. Computer classes are held in the Computer Classroom which has 12 desktop computers for students to use. (Although students are welcome to bring laptops or mobile devices.) Classes are generally structured to have a presentation at the beginning, an instructor-led computer activity after that, and a question and answer session at the end.

  • Time: Tuesdays from 10:00 am - 11:30 am (check calendar for changes)
  • Place: Computer Classroom on 2nd floor of Athens-Clarke County Library
  • Cost: Free
  • Open to the public

Registration and Procedures

  • How to register
    • Online: Visit the events calendar, click on a computer class (calendar event), and complete the registration form.
    • By Phone: Call the 2nd floor Information Desk at 706-613-3650 x354.
    • In person: Visit the 2nd floor Information Desk.
  • Registration opens on the 15th of the month for classes offered the next month.
    • For example, registration opens on January 15th for February classes.
    • If the 15th falls on a weekend, registration opens the following Monday.
  • Waiting list
    • Registration is limited to 12 students per class.
    • If registration is full, you can sign up for the waiting list.
    • If a registered patron cancels, the patron at the top of the waiting list will automatically be registered for the class and notified by email and phone.
  • Cancellations: Give notice of a cancellation at least 24-hours before the class.
    • Call the library at 706-613-3650 x354.

Tech Tips


Mouse & Keyboard Skills

New to computers? Start here with our most basic computer class! Learn how to use the keyboard to enter characters and commands. Learn how to use the mouse to select, drag, and open items as well as scroll through pages. (Cheat Sheet)

Introduction to Computers

Learn the basics of using a Windows 7 computer. We will cover how to turn the computer on and off, open programs, manipulate windows, save files, plug in accessories, and more.

Windows 10 for Beginners

Having trouble with Windows 10? Thinking about upgrading? Take this class to get up to speed with Microsoft's latest OS. Discover new features and apps. Learn about Start menu tiles and even virtual desktops. (Cheat Sheet)

Introduction to Mac Computers

Are you an Apple person or interested in an alternative to Microsoft? This class will walk you through the latest Apple OS X: El Capitan. Learn how to use to command key and gestures. Get acquainted with Finder, Launchpad, and Spotlight search. Get to know Apple software such as Maps, Photos, and iTunes. Presentation-based class with opportunity to try out our MacBook. (Cheat Sheet)

Apple iPad Basics

Meet the iPad (with iOS 9). Learn how to do touch screen gestures, connect to wifi, download apps, change settings, and more. Presentation-based class with opportunity to try out our iPad.

Internet 101: Browser Basics

In Browser Basics, we begin with how to search and navigate the Internet. Then we’ll dive into browser tools such as history, downloads, and bookmarks. Also learn how to block pop-ups and protect your privacy online. (Cheat Sheet)

Internet 101: Search Engines

This class is a great follow up to "Internet 101: Browser Basics". Find out how to search efficiently and use advanced search tools. Explore search engines and online databases such as Google, DuckDuckgo, WolframAlpha,, Galileo, and more. (Cheat Sheet)

Introduction to Email

Get started with email. Learn how to compose, reply to, forward, delete, and archive emails. Students will receive assistance creating their own Gmail or account.

Facebook for Beginners

Facebook can be complicated, but we'll guide you around this popular social media network. We'll show you how to sign up, find friends, post content, get into groups and events, and all sorts of things. Most importantly, we'll explain how to control your privacy and security settings.

Introduction to Instagram

Instagram is a picture-sharing social network for smart phones. Find out how to add fun filters to your photos, share photos, and follow your friends and interesting people from across the globe.

GADD - Free eBooks and Audiobooks

Learn how to check out free eBooks and audiobooks from our online collection.

Zinio - Free Online Magazine

Learn how to check out free digital magazines from our online collection of 80+ popular titles including Newsweek, Cosmopolitan, The New Yorker, Forbes, Motor Trend, and Women's Health.

Introduction to Word 2010

In this class, you will create a simple Word document. Learn how to format text, change paragraph and page properties, insert content, and save and print your work.

Introduction to Word 2010: Part II

Take the next step with Word. Learn how to use styles, themes, and colors to create a professional looking document. Explore the world of templates.

Introduction to Excel 2010

Excel is a spreadsheet program. Spreadsheets allow you to arrange and analyse data. Learn how to enter, move, select, and format data. You'll also create simple equations and a chart. Then use these skills to make a yearly-budget spreadsheet.

Working with Data in Excel

(New Evening Class!)

Want to work with datasets in Excel? In this fast-paced Excel class, you will begin by learning how to import, clean up, format, and sort U.S. census data. Then you'll perform a basic data analysis using formulas and a time series graph.

Introduction to PowerPoint 2010

Need to create a presentation? We'll show you how to create slides, enter content, change layouts, use styles and themes, and add some excitement with transitions and animations.

Finding Employment Online

Need help finding a job or sprucing up your resume? This class will show you where to go online to find local jobs or jobs anywhere. We'll help you create or update your resume or cover letter using WinWay Resume, a software program available for free at our library.

Other Free Resources has over 125 free online tutorials on technology, reading, and math. Many of the technology tutorials cover information that overlaps with our Computer Classes such as mouse and keyboard skills, computer basics, and Word 2010.


TechBoomers provides free online courses for popular online services such as Facebook, Netflix, Gmail, and Pinterest.

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