March 2015

Title First Name Last Name ISBN Call #
Blessed company : parishes : parsons and
parishioners in Anglican Virginia 1690-1776
John Nelson 9780807826638 GR 283.755 NELSON
Ain't got no home: America's great
migrations and the making of the interracial
Erin Battat 9781469614021 GR 304.8097 BATTAT
This ain't Chicago : race: class and regional
identity in the post-soul South
Zandria Robinson 9781469614229 GR 305.896 ROBINSON
Abandonment in Dixie : underdevelopment
in the Black Belt
Veronica Womack 9780881464405 GR 305.896 WOMACK
Modernizing a slave economy : the economic
vision of the confederate nation
John Majewski 9780807832516 GR 330.975 MAJEWSKI
Dividing the land: early American
beginnings of our private property
Edward Price 9780226680651 GR 333.3097 PRICE
Taxation in colonial America Ann Rabushka 9780691133454 GR 336.2009 RABUSHKA
For good and evil: the impact of taxes
on the course of civilization
Charles Adams 9781568332352 GR 336.2209 Adams
Women and the law of property in early
Marylynn Salmon 9780807816875 GR 346.7304 SALMON
Science : race and religion in the American
South: John Bachman and the Charleston
circle of naturalists : 1815 - 1895
Lester Stephens 9780807825181 GR 508.0922 STEPHENS
Mapping and documenting cemeteries Pamela Goffinet 9781492893486 GR 526 GOFFINET
Vascular flora of the southeastern United
Arthur Cronquist 9780807819005 GR 582.0975 VASCULAR V.3 Pt.2
Dixie Highway : road building and the making
of the modern South 1900-1930
Tammy Ingram 9781469612980 GR 625.7097 INGRAM
The tangible past in Athens : Georgia Charlotte T. Marshall 9780983588535 GR 720.9 Clarke TANGIBLE
A graveyard preservation primer Lynette Strangstad 9780759122420 GR 736.5028 STRANGSTAD
Great and noble jar : traditional stoneware
South Carolina
Linda Baldwin 9780820346168 GR 738.3097 BALDWIN
The storied south : voices of writers and
William Ferris 9781469607542 GR 810.8097 FERRIS
Panic fiction: women and
antebellum economic crisis

Mary Templin 9780817318109 GR 810.9928 TEMPLIN
The Family tree historical maps book: a state
by state atlas of U.S. history 1790-1900
Allison Dolan 9781440336782 GR 912.73 DOLAN
The Southeast in early maps William Cummings 9780807868980 GR 912.75 CUMMINGS
Genealogy offline : a beginner's guide to
finding family history records that are not
Claudia Breland 9781490463889 GR 929.1 BRELAND
How to archive family keepsakes : Denise May-Levenick 9781440322235 GR 929.1 MAY-LEVENICK
Ancestors and relatives: genealogy... Eviatas Zerbubave 9780199773954 GR 929.1 ZERUBAVE
Searching for your ancestors in historic
Claudia Breland 9781500407094 GR 929.1072 BRELAND
Genealogical standards of evidence : guide
for family historians
Brenda Merriman 9781554884513 GR 929.1072 MERRIMAN
Who do you think you are? : the essential
guide to tracing your family history…
Megan Smolenya 9780143118916 GR 929.1072 SMOLENYA
Nations remembered : an oral history of the
Cherokees, Chickasaws,...
Theda Perdue 9780806125237 GR 970.0049 NATIONS
"I will give them one more shot" : Ramsey's
1st Regiment Georgia Volunteers
George Martin 9780881462197 GR 973. 713 MARTIN
American migrations 1765-1799 the lives:
times and families of colonial Americans
who remained loyal to the British Crown
Peter Coldham 0806316187 GR 973.314 COLDHAM
The Civil War in the west: victory and defeat
from the Appalachians to the Mississippi
Earl Hess 9780807835425 GR 973.734 HESS
Through the heart of Dixie: Sherman's March
and American memory
Ames Rubin 9781469617770 GR 973.7378 RUBIN
Staff officers in gray : biographical register
of the staff officers in the Army of Northern
Robert Krick 0807827886 GR 973.742 KRICK
Last to join the fight : the 66th Georgia Infantry Daniel Cone 9780881464757 GR 973.7458 CONE
Georgia's Confederate monuments : in
honor of a fallen nation
Gould Hagler 9780881464665 GR 973.7458 HAGLER
Stories of the South: race and the reconstruction of
southern identity : 1865 -
Stephen Prince 9781469614182 GR 973.8 PRINCE
A Southern Life : Letters of Paul Green 1916
Laurence Avery 9780807821053 GR 974.0049 WARREN
The indicted South : public criticism:
southern inferiority and the politics
Angie Maxwell 9781469611648 GR 975 MAXWELL
Masters of the big house: elite slaveholders.. William Scarboro 9780807131558 GR 975. 0308 SCARBORO
The new encyclopedia of Southern culture Charles Wilson 9780807859087 GR 975.003 NEW V. 12
The new encyclopedia of
southern culture
Charles Wilson 9780807871744 GR 975.003 NEW V. 23
The deeds of Amherst County :
Virginia : 1761-1807 and
Davis Bailey 978089308147 GR 975.5 Amherst
Crafting lives : African -American
artisans in New Bern : NC 1770-1915
Catherine Bishir 9781469608754 GR 975.6 Craven
The making of a southern democracy
North Carolina politics from Kerr
Scott to Pat McCrory
Tom Eamon 9781469606972 GR 975.6 EAMON
Shifting loyalties : the union occupation of
eastern North Carolina
Judkin Browning 9780807834688 GR 975.6192 BROWNING
The house on Diamond Hill : a
Cherokee plantation story
Tiya Miles 9780807834183 GR 975.8 Murray MILES
A brief history of Smyrna: Georgia William Marchione 9781609499525 GR 975.8 Cobb
A history of the Berry
schools on the mountain
Jennifer Dickey 9781626192027 GR 975.8 Floyd DICKEY
The Warm Springs story : legacy and.. Martin Harmon 9780881464726 GR 975.8 Meriwether
A changing wind : commerce and conflict
in Civil War Atlanta
Wendy Venet 9780300192162 GR 975.803 VENET
Plain folk's fight : the Civil War and
Reconstruction in Piney Woods Georgia
Mark Wetherington 9780807829639 GR 975.803 WETHERINGTON
Hog meat and hoecake : food supply in the
Old South 1840-1860
Sam Hilliard 9780807834350 GR 976.0049 ETHRIDGE
Suffer and grow strong : the life of Ella
Gertrude Clanton Thomas 1834-1907
Carolyn Curry 9780881464740 GR B THOMAS