July 2015 - Part 2

First Name
Last Name
Call #
Confederate Odyssey : the George W. Wray Jr. Civil War Collection at the Atlanta History Center Gordon Jones GR 973.713 JONES
Escape from the Maple Leaf: including roster of Confederate officers on the Maple Leaf and discussion of system of exchanges and paroles Jerry Witt GR 973.772 WITT
Wandering souls: Protestant migrations in America :1630-1865 Scott Rohrer GR 304.8 ROHRER
Breaking the heartland the Civil War in Georgia John Fowler GR 973. 7 FOWLER
Final passages : the intercolonial slave trade of British America : 1619-1807 Gregory O'Malley GR 306.362 O'MALLEY
Cherokee intruder cases : dockets of hearings 1901-1909 volume 1 Jeff Bowen GR 970.3557 BOWEN V.1
Cherokee intruder cases : dockets of hearings 1901-1910 volume 2 Jeff Bowen GR 970.3557 BOWEN V.2
The electronic front porch : an oral history of the arrival of modern media in rural Appalachia and the Melungeon community Jacob Podber GR 975.004 PODBER
Index to the 1850 mortality schedule of South Carolina Brent Holcomb GR 975.7 HOLCOMB
Kingston Parish register: Mathews: Gloucester: and Middlesex counties Virginia : slaves and slaveholders: 1746-1827 Martha McCartney GR 975.5 MCCARTNEY
Early unpublished court records of Lincoln County: … Helen Marsh GR 976.8 Lincoln MARSH
The Genealogist's Guide to researching Tax records Carol Darrow GR 929.2 DARROW
Genetic genealogy : the basics and beyond Emily Aulicino GR 929.1072 AULICINO
Guide to tracing your African Ameripean Civil War ancestor: a guide by an experienced African Ameripean family historian and military researcher who traced… Jeanette Secret GR 929.1 SECRET
A history of honey in Georgia and the Carolinas April Aldrich GR 638.16 ALDRICH
Fort Pulaski John Guss GR 975.8724 GUSS
Marriages and death notices from Columbia: South Carolina newspapers : 1792 -1839 Brent Holcomb GR 070.9757 Richland HOLCOMB V.1
Loudoun County Virginia marriages after 1850 : 1851-1880 Volume 1 Patricia Duncan GR 929.5 Loudoun DUNCAN V.1
Loudoun County Virginia marriages after 1850 : 1851-1880 Volume 2 Patricia Duncan GR 929.5 Loudoun DUNCAN V.2
The basic researcher's guide to homesteads & other federal land records James Barsi GR 929.1 BARSI
10,600 marriages from ninety-six and Abbe- ville District South Carolina Larry Pursley GR 975.7 Abbeville PURSLEY
Triumph of the Eccunnau-Nuxulgee : land speculators : George M. Troup : state rights and the removal of the Creek Indians from Georgia and Alabama: 1825- 38 William Winn GR 970.385 WINN
To the bitter end : Appomattox: Bennett Place and the surrenders of the Confederacy Robert Dunkerly GR 973.742 DUNKERLY
Emigration to Liberia from the Chattahoochee Valley of Georgia and Alabama: 1853 -1903 Matthew McDaniel GR 975.8 McDaniel