November 2016

Title First Name Last Name ISBN # Call #
Mitchell County: Georgia : marriage records index: 1867 to 1940 Jessie Paulk 9781938637032 GR 975.8 Mitchell
Island time: an illustrated history of St. Simons Island : Georgia Jingle Davis 9780820342450 GR 975.8 Glynn
The architecture of Francis Palmer Smith : Atlanta's scholar-architect Robert Craig 9780820328980 GR 720.9 CRAIG
De Renne: three generations of a Georgia family William Bragg 9780820320892 GR 929.2 DERENNE
One family Vaughn Sills 9780820321998 GR 779.2 SILLS
Carpetbagger of conscience : a biography of John Emory Bryant Ruth Currie-McDaniel 9780820308562 GR 975.87 DRUMS
Seas of gold : seas of cotton: Christophe Poulain DuBignon of Jekyll Island Martha Keber 9780820323602 GR B DUBIGNON
Southern tufts: the regional origins and natural craze for chenile fashion Ashley Callahan 9780820345161 GR 746.0461
The Jekyll Island cottage colony June McCash 0820319287 GR 975.8 Glynn
Time to reconcile: the odyssey of a southern Baptist Grace Holmes 9780820322179 GR 286.1 HOLMES
A unique and fortuitous combination an adminstrative history of the
University of Georgia School of Law
Gwen Wood no ISBN GR 378.7581 WOOD
Sam Richard's Civil War diary : a chronicle of the Atlanta home front Samuel Richards 9780820329994 GR 975.804 RICHARDS
American prisoners of war held at Halifax during the War of 1812 : June
1812 - April 1815
Harrison Baker 9780788433238 GR 973.52 BAKER V.1
American prisoners of war held at Halifax during the War of 1812 : June
1812 - April 1815
Harrison Baker 9780788433238 GR 973.52 BAKER V.2
A chronicle of the war of 1812 soldiers : seamen and marines Dennis Blizzard 9780806351056 GR 973.52 BLIZZARD
Tales of the rails : historic accounts of unusual and sensational events involving railroads in Georgia over the past 150 years R. Olin Jackson 9781880816196 GR 385 JACKSON
Anna : the letters of a St. Simon's Island plantation mistress : 1817 - 1859 Melanie Pavich-Lindsay 9780820323329 GR B KING
The sacred flame of love: Methodism and society in nineteenth-century Georgia Christopher Owen 9780820319636 GR 287 OWEN
Striking beauties : women apparel workers in the U. S. South : 1930 - 2000 Michelle Haberland 9780820325842 GR 305.43 HABERLAND
Communities of kinship: antebellum families and settlement of the cotton frontier Carolyn Billingsley 9780820325101 GR 306.83 BILLINGSLEY
The Amish Mennonites of Macon County : Georgia the history of the Beachy Amish Community of … Elmer Yoder No Isbn # GR 975.8 Macon YODER
Love, Liberation and escaping slavery : William and Ellen Craft in cultural memory Barbara McCaskill 9780820338026 GR B CRAFT
Putting on blue: confederates from the Athens, Georgia area who became galvanized yankees Al Hester 9780996639903 GR 975.818 Clarke HESTER
Parties: slavery and the Union in antebellum Georgia Gene Carey 9780820318981 GR 975.8 CAREY
Restructured resistance the Sibley Commission and the politics of desegregation in GA Jeff Roach 9780820319797 GR 378.758 ROCHE
Race and the Atlanta Cotton States Exposition of 1895 Theda Perdue 9780820334028 GR 305.8 PERDUE
Other Souths: diversity and difference in the U.S. South : reconstruction to present Pippa Holloway 9780820329840 GR 975.043 HOLLOWAY
The southern judicial tradition : state judges and sectional distinctiveness: 1790 - 1890 Timothy Huebner 082032101X GR 347.75 HUEBNER
The three Governors controversy: skullduggery: machinations: and the decline of Georgia's ... Charles Bullock 9780820347349 GR 975.8 BULLOCK
Tyrannicide : forging an American law of slavery in revolutionary South Carolina and Massachusetts Emily Blanck 9780820338644 GR 342. 744 BLANCK
Redeeming the southern family : evangelical women and domestic… Scott Stephan 9780820332222 GR 261.8358 STEPHAN
The First Georgia Cavalry in the Civil War : a History and Roster Michael Cavender 9780786499120 GR 973.7458 CAVENDER