January 2017

Title First Name Last Name ISBN # Call #
South Carolina women: their lives and times Marjorie Spruill No Isbn # GR 975.7 SPRUILL V.1, V.2, V.3
An empire of small places: mapping the southeastern Anglo-Indian trade: 1732- 1795 Robert Paulett 9780820343464 GR 976.004 PAULETT
Snowbird Cherokees: people of persistence Sharlotte Neely 0820313270 GR 970.3557 NEELY
In manner and form following: the Curtis (Cobb) - Denmark family history Robert Curtis No Isbn # GR 929.2 CURTIS
Historic rural churches of Georgia Sonny Seals 9780820349350 GR 726.5097 SEALS
The culture of property: race, class, and housing landscapes in Atlanta: 1880 - 1950 Leeann Lands 9780820329795 GR 975.8 Fulton LANDS
Georgia's heritage of song Henrietta Collins No Isbn # GR 784 COLLINS
Black politicians and reconstruction in Georgia: a splendid failure Edmund Drago 0820314382 GR 975.8041 DRAGO
The confessions of Edward Isham: a poor white life of the Old South Charles Bolton 0820320218 GR 975 BOLTON
Confederate letters of John W. Hagan Bell Wiley No Isbn # GR 973.782 HAGAN