To Hire Certified or Accredited Genealogists

  • Licensed, Accredited, Certified, or Professional?

    To learn more about hiring a professional genealogy researcher, including definitions of the various standards of licensing, please read this article.

  • Association of Professional Genealogists

    This independent professional organization began in 1979, and acts to support genealogists in their profession. Accepted members must adhere to the APG Code of Ethics. They provide some of the widest array of research specialties, including Heir Searcher, Adoption, Genetic Consultant, House Historian, and Translator services.

  • Board for the Certification of Genealogists

    This independent organization certifies only those researchers who have proven their ability to meet the seventy-four standards of the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) when performing genealogical research. Researchers renew their certification every five years, and the board offers an arbitration board for any disputes that may arise. Their website offers names of Certified Genealogists with a variety of degrees and specialties (including time periods, languages, geographic areas, etc.) to meet your needs.

  • International Commission for the Accreditation for Professional Genealogists

    This international organization tests people in their region of expertise to ensure competence in genealogical research, through three-levels of testing that includes "a quality four-generation research report followed by an eight-hour written exam and oral review." Accredited Genealogists must renew their accreditation every five years. ICAPGen's website has multiple databases for finding an Accredited Genealogist, including areas of specialty, and geographic location of the researcher, as well as a Ten Effective Steps to Hiring an AG Professional page.

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