Space Chemistry Magic Right Here On Earth Chemistry Show

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 June 22nd, 2019  at pm.

Dr. Maurice Snook (aka Mr. Science) has been bringing the excitement and fun of chemistry to Northeast Georgia elementary school students and others for almost 40 years.  He will present his famous chemistry show with an emphasis on: "Space Chemistry Magic Right Here On Earth" at our library on June 22nd, 2019  at 1 pm.

With dazzling demonstrations you will discover that many elements and compounds found here on Earth exist in space but in very different forms due to either extreme heat or extreme cold.  For example: nitrogen, methane, ethane, carbon dioxide and ammonia (found as gases on earth), are solids or oceans on the clouds of Jupiter; Saturn's moon, Titan; Neptune's moon, Triton and Pluto.  Water is found in large quantities on the four giant planet's moons.  Hydrogen and helium power our sun while sulfur (from earth's volcanoes) and its compounds color Jupiter's cloud belts and erupts from it's moon Io while forming the acidic clouds of Venus.  Chemistry powers the universe.

This program fits into our summer reading program because the theme is "Universe of Stories."